Faculty of Orthodox Theology in Skopje

Saint Clement of Ohrid Faculty of Orthodox Theology in Skopje was founded in 1977 by the Macedonian Orthodox Church – Archdiocese of Ohrid. The Theology Faculty has been recognized as a direct successor and restorer of the University of St. Clement which was founded 1122 years ago. With the Cooperation Agreement between the Holy Synod of MOC and UKIM the Faculty today is a member of Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje.

The faculty staff is composed of fifteen professors and prominent collaborators. This year we are celebrating our 35th Jubilee. Up to now 1332 students have participated in the programs of the Faculty and 334 students have successfully completed their undergraduate studies. The number of enrolled students estimates 150 students per year of which 2/3 are full-time students.

With the established collaboration with the State University of Skopje the Faculty of Theology has enabled its students to continue their higher education at other faculties and universities, and has supported teacher and student exchange programs and scientific colloquiums.

The Faculty of Orthodox Theology publishes Annual Proceedings (Zbornik, a publication of scientific papers), Intermediations and Polylogues (Theological-Philosophical Scientific Colloquium) and Orthodox Annunciation (Pravoslaven blagovesnik, a student newspaper). Students may take active participation in the Students‘ Union and in the Student Theological Debate Society.

Contact us:
Address: Faculty of Orthodox Theology
29 Zagrebska, 1000 Skopje
Telephone: +389 (2) 3092872
Fax: +389 (2)
Web site: www.pbf.edu.mk